Saturday, January 02, 2021

Revisiting The Ranch

The Ranch, Clarke Quay

My time for the flaming ramen is not yet here but I'm equally happy settling for a flaming boned in venison from The Ranch.

The Ranch, bread

Bread has changed from the last time. They were rye previously. I preferred those over these mini baguette things. 

The Ranch, crustacean bisque

I remember their crustacean soup to be a lobster bisque. It's now listed as crustacean bisque in the menu. Still very nice soup. Oh, there's a ravioli in it now. Thought I detected something like prawns in the ravioli.

The Ranch, beef tartare

We liked the beef tartare from the last time so we ordered it again like the bisque. That gherkin-y beef tartare. They need to bring back the rye instead of those small baguettes. 

The Ranch, lamb rack

The Ranch has a competently done lamb rack. Nothing beyond salt and pepper on the meat. Good ratio of meat to fat for the bite and flavour. It was delicious with or without the twin peppercorn sauce on the side. If there was anything they could improve on, I thought a bit more char would have upped the game for flavour.

The Ranch, venison

Ditto for the venison which was carted in with a bit of dramatics in a flambé trolley. For some reasons, The Ranch isn't big on caramelization. Anyways, the sauce was prepared à la minute. Picture's dark. There's cherries in it and after the flaming flourish, the two boned in pieces of venison had dark chocolate shaven over them. Too little chocolate shavings methinks. 

I've been having a bit of venison in the past couple of months. Coucou, The Market Grill, venison burger from Burger & Lobster (I'm counting this one) and now this. I'm crowning The Market Grill as the best of them because they are. 

The Ranch, Clarke Quay

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