Sunday, November 22, 2020

Venison, beef tartare and more berried double Gruyere cream meringue at Coucou

Coucou, bar

This was our second visit to Coucou. Bar counter seats tonight - it was very much more crowded compared to the first time we ate there.

Coucou, curly salad
Coucou, curly salad

Got their curly salad again because we liked them from the last time. It's the dressing.

Coucou, butternut pumpkin soup

There was a nicely done butternut pumpkin soup with Gruyère and walnuts. Creamy, sweet and piping hot.

Coucou, beef tartare fries
Coucou, beef tartare

Coucou has a beef tartare with Sbrinz cheese. From what I gather, Sbrinz is similar tasting to Parmigiano Reggiano. Couldn't taste it in the tartare so I didn't get the point at all. The flavours in the tartare were also much milder compared to the French renditions we've had. There were also some silver skin in the meat. Not something we would order again.

The most enjoyable thing from this order were the skin on fries. Those were good.

Coucou, venison

Venison was on menu for this month's special. Though the menu mentioned striploin, it tasted like a tenderloin/filet. Was accompanied by some sweet carrots, Brussels sprouts and chestnuts on the side. Pretty expensive for the portions. 

While the venison could have improved from better crusting, they did manage to get enough browning on the outside for the caramelized flavour of the meat flavour to get through. Was delicious with the cranberry sauce. Market Grill's rendition was better but I enjoyed this also.

Coucou, meringue Gruyere double cream berries

Fell back on their meringue with double Gruyère cream and berries for dessert. This was so good.

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