Monday, November 02, 2020

More Market Grill-ery

Market Grill, Telok Ayer Street

First time back in The Market Grill since Umbrella Corp had the accident. There was a one for one tenderloin offer over the recent weekend and we wanted to take advantage of it.

Market Grill - lobster bisque

Lobster bisque seemed to have lost some of its crustacean punch today. It's still not bad but......

Market Grill - charred broccolini

We ordered sides of charred broccolini to go with our steaks. The broccolini came first. Before the steak that is.

Market Grill - charred broccolini halfway

Tried to eat them very slowly while waiting for the tenderloins. While I kinda like this dry char for the vegetable, aren't they supposed to be served with the steak?!

Market Grill - grilled tenderloin

Those grilled tenderloin finally did arrive. Took a little longer than what I thought was the norm. Seemed like they didn't think steak knives were necessary for such a tender cut. Steak was nice. Nice meaning proper medium rare with a charred crusty outside. Everything else's forgiven at this point. Liked their Béarnaise sauce. Was happy with the fries.

Market Grill - burnt cheesecake

So we decided to do desserts. Burnt cheesecake. It looked browned rather than burnt. Cheesecake was lighter than the looks suggested. Delicious cinnamon flavoured pears. That white scoop on the side was yoghurt. Loved those buttery bits of walnut streusel. Importantly, I liked that Market Grill doesn't attempt to kill with excessive sweetness in their desserts.

Market Grill - coffee

Still I appreciated a bitter coffee at the end. 

Market Grill, Telok Ayer Street

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