Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Revisiting Cicheti


Getting reservations at Cicheti seemed to be a little more difficult than I remember. But then again, I've only been here once. The other time was delivery.

Cicheti - calamari fritti

Haven't gotten calamari in restaurants for a while. Thought these looked nice at a neighbour's table. It was just okay. Don't like them with too much batter. Don't think I'll be ordering them again. Regretted ordering this after seeing that the restaurant was currently serving figs with their burrata.

Cicheti - pizza carbonara

Was curious about their pizza carbonara. While the flavour didn't so much remind me of carbonara, it was a pretty tasty pie. Nice smokiness from the bacon. Liked the mild sweetness which the caramelized onions imparted. I think more pepper and Parmigiano Reggiano could have nudge it up the carbonara-meter. See all that cornicione that wasn't covered with topping? Eat those with their olive oil. The oil they use was pretty fruity.

Cicheti - white truffle tagliolini

Was thinking of getting a pasta from their menu but got distracted by their seasonal white truffle tagliolini with brown butter and cheese. Damn it's good! They used fresh pasta for this. Very expensive but also very nice.

Cicheti - pizza noir

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