Sunday, November 08, 2020

Miznon, Stanley Street

Miznon, Stanley Street

Miznon (#01-01, 6 Stanley Street, tel : +65 6223 0716) as I gathered is contemporary casual Israeli. Meaning it won't be traditional in the traditional sense of the word (heh!) and there will be borrowed elements that originate from other food cultures. The name means cafeteria in Hebrew and they're a chain with presence in New York, Paris, Vienna and Melbourne; run by a Eyal Shani who is a judge in Masterchef Israel.

I don't think they're Kosher though.

Without further accolade brandishing......

Miznon - treat yourself

...they offer free pita with tahini.

Miznon - free pita & tahini

Which we helped ourselves to. The pita was pillowy, better than any I've had so far. Nice munching with the creamy nutty tahini.

Miznon - run over potato

That's their Run Over Potato - a flattened baked potato with sour cream, dill, olive oil and salt. That's all my tongue told. Gimmicky but I did enjoy it. There's also a story behind why it's called run over potato that you can Google. It involves a heinous crime once in Tel Aviv.

Miznon, folded cheeseburger pita

Pitas are their thing. There's a bunch of them with different stuffings. This one's Folded Cheeseburger. The menu doesn't state cheese but look at that beautiful golden brown fan of a crust there! Ground beef patty, that crusty cheese, tomato, fried egg and pickles. Very hearty. So not Kosher.

Miznon, chicken liver pita
Miznon, chicken liver pita

We had a chicken liver pita. Liver was pink and tender, lifted by the spring onions and chilli.

Miznon, roasted baby cauliflower

Miznon is known, for some reasons, for their roasted baby cauliflower. It's nice. I tasted salt and olive oil. I heard that's grey sea salt (sel gris) they used. That and the cauliflower with the smoky char. The "world famous" status seemed overblown if I might opine. Either this shop did a lousy job and I wasn't as impressed as I should have been or the world has been eating really bad cauliflowers. But like I said, it's nice.

Miznon kitchen noir

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