Wednesday, November 18, 2020

d.o.c, Tanjong Pagar Road

d.o.c (#01-01, 21 Tanjong Pagar Road, tel : +65 6226 1631) looked promising.

d.o.c - tuna tartare caviar

The wait staff recommended us their tuna tartare caviar. Menu mentioned sashimi grade fatty tuna. I thought it would be fattier. Caviar was from Uruguay. The tartare was not bad as a whole, but not $36 nice.

d.o.c - canederli

We had their canederli - bread dumplings which the wait staff had described as something like meatloaf. Maybe he thought we didn't know what dumplings were and in the end, we thought maybe he didn't know what dumplings were. These did not taste bad actually. The bread was mixed with salumi and sat in melted butter.

d.o.c - vongole bottarga

Ordered a tagliatelle vongole with bottarga. As much as I anticipated it, I was disappointed with the quantity of the bottarga. Was hoping against hope that there would be more of the them. What we had gotten were a scattering of some measly crumbs that registered little in flavour beyond saltiness. While we found a few cloves of garlic in the pasta, the dish had little to no garlic flavour. 

d.o.c - mare monti

Ordered a pizza called mare monti - sea and mountain if translations are accurate. The menu described it as a semi calzone and pizza. A chimera pie. Mentioned porcini mushrooms, ham, prawns and bottarga. I thought all the ingredients would be together but the prawns and bottarga formed the mare component on the pizza section while the porcini and ham made the monti half in the calzone. Portion was huge.

Not enough bottarga again for this one. The texture of the pizza was akin to a soggy prata laden with generous amounts of Mozzarella cheese. One had no choice but to eat with fork and knife. Also, diminishing returns from enjoying the flavour came in real quick.


d.o.c tg pagar

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