Thursday, November 05, 2020

Chuan Hung Noodle (川巷米粉), Telok Ayer Street

Chuan Hung Noodle (川巷米粉)

Chuan Hung Noodle (#01-01, 51 Telok Ayer Street, tel : +65 9755 1058) is a noodle shop by the folks at Szechuan fusion restaurant Birds Of A Feather. The place has been around for more than a year I think and I've been wanting to come try their Mianyang rice noodles since I heard about them. Finally happened by chance today.

Chuan Hung Noodle (川巷米粉) - hawthorn juice

This canned hawthorn juice was delicious. Does anyone know where I can get these? 

Chuan Hung Noodle (川巷米粉) - chilled eggplant

We started with some chilled braised eggplant. The tender eggplants were topped with an awesome green chilli thingy with a smoky finish that packed a bit of heat. Delicious this was.

Chuan Hung Noodle (川巷米粉) - deep fried pig intestines

There was deep fried pig intestines. These slightly fatty intestines were braised with spices previously before they were fried and one could tell with all the flavour that had gone in to it. They were also stuffed with sweet leeks. Nice.

Chuan Hung Noodle (川巷米粉) - ox tongue noodles
Chuan Hung Noodle (川巷米粉) - ox tongue noodles

Had a bowl of their ox tongue noodles in vine pepper broth. These bowls featured the Mianyang rice noodles which had a silky texture like mee sua. These rice noodles had a lot more bite than mee sua though. Broth was peppery with some tanginess. There's chilli padi inside. Felt a bit of my lip tingle from the beginnings of numbness. Not bad. Wished there was more ox tongue.

Chuan Hung Noodle (川巷米粉) - bing fen (冰粉)

We tried their bing fen (冰粉) because we haven't had anything similar before. Here I am tempted to simply describe it as texturous.

BUT - there were a lot of flavour from the toppings. Sweetness from the red beans, sultanas and bits of hawthorn flakes. And then tanginess from both the raisins and hawthorn flakes along with a deeper caramel sweetness from the brown sugar in the jelly. That's all topped with lot of crunchiness and bite amidst the wobbly jelly.

Chuan Hung Noodle (川巷米粉) noir


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