Sunday, November 01, 2020

Ma Maison Kitchen, 100 AM

In your Ghostface...

Ma Maison Kitchen (#02-11, 100 AM, 100 Tras Street, tel : +65 6694 7383) is the second newest outlet by Ma Maison. The menu appeared to be consisting of stuff from their regular outlets + some tapas-y small plates.

Ma Maison Kitchen - cabbage anchovies

This was disappointing coming from them. The idea was fresh cabbage served in an dutch oven that would wilt from the heat along with anchovies. Didn't expect to find a fried egg. Most of the cabbage slices were too thick. The dutch oven didn't stay hot for very long. Most of the cabbage ended up being very crunchy and raw tasting. Which was a waste of those melted anchovies that wouldn't cling to stiff half raw cabbages.

I had imagined that they would have the experience to set this up with smaller leaves to do this.

Ma Maison Kitchen - gyutan

Their gyutan was in the small plates section of the menu like the cabbages above. They were anything but small. Not complaining about the portions. The meat was sliced a little too thick as well. Which made them a little tough. Still delicious in the pepper sauce. Just have to chew harder and longer to get those flavours out. Tasted like something one could find in cze char stalls if only cze char stalls ever offered ox tongue.

Ma Maison Kitchen - daikon, porcini cream

That's daikon in porcini cream sauce. Don't know what was the brown sauce at the bottom. Wasn't bad but it shouldn't have been there since it drowned out whatever little presence from the porcini cream. Poorly conceived this was.

Ma Maison Kitchen - white asparagus, cheese

There was white asparagus with cheese on menu so we ordered it. Delicious because the asparagus was crunchy and sweet and the cheese was milky and chewy. Nice.

In the spirit of All Hallows' Eve, we had their Scream Curry Rice.

Ma Maison Kitchen - Scream Curry Rice

Our Ghostface looked like it had double chin. A visually poorer cousin compared to the menu. Too much rice has the tendency to remove definition from one's jawline. Hahaha! 

Curry's not bad. The sliced chillis packed serious heat so I liked what it did for the curry. Those pieces of sirloin were unexpectedly delicious. Suitably salted and surprisingly tender with a beefy fattiness. I need to re-look into their sirloin steaks methinks.

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