Wednesday, November 04, 2020

Xun Qin Ji (寻秦记), Seng Poh Road

Xun Qin Ji (寻秦记), sesame 凉皮

We noticed Xun Qin Ji (#01-17, 58 Seng Poh Road) the last time we were in the vicinity. Piqued our interest since they were supposedly featuring food from the Shaanxi province and thought we'd check them out the next time we were here. I shot straight for the sesame paste cold noodles (凉皮).

The sesame added little to the noodles. Wasn't fragrant like I imagined. Slightly disappointed. The spicy option wasn't spicy either so I had to add extra chilli which ended up making the bowl look dangerously red but still didn't pack as much heat as it looked. I did enjoy the texture of the noodles though. They were less chewy than I had thought.

Xun Qin Ji (寻秦记), sliced mutton

There was sliced mutton on the menu. I thought it was a pity that a restaurant that supposedly featured Shaanxi cuisine only had just a couple of dishes with lamb/mutton. This was one of them. I'd say that this would be akin to some sort of mutton ham or corned lamb. Delicious with the natural meat flavour. The garlic sauce on the side packs potency so if you dip too much, that mutton-y flavour would be lost. Otherwise, I liked this. Tender.

Xun Qin Ji (寻秦记), 肉夹馍

Since we were at it, an order of their Chinese hamburger/rou jia mo (肉夹馍). The fillings weren't as much as pictures suggested but the pork fillings were deliciously moist and packed with flavour.

Xun Qin Ji (寻秦记), Seng Poh Road

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