Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Revisiting Hamburg Steak Keisuke

Hamburg Steak Keisuke - tomato sukiyaki claypot

Surprised myself by getting their tomato sukiyaki hamburg claypot. The broth was a sweet tomato dashi base. It was very drinkable at the start but seemed to become progressively sweeter that the appeal of the flavour faded. Glad to have tried it but I won't be getting it again.

Hamburg Steak Keisuke - shiokoji chicken

I mentioned their shiokoji chicken previously. This fermented rice/salt marinated chicken has become my favourite item from the restaurant. Definitely not the hamburgs. Liked how the additional depth of flavour which I don't know how to describe worked its way into the meat long with some aroma from the charring. 

Hamburg Steak Keisuke - egg rice

Sunny side up, shoyu and pepper. On rice.

Hamburg Steak Keisuke - coffee jelly

Also said that I'd be back for their coffee jelly.

Hamburg Steak Keisuke

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