Saturday, November 14, 2020

Chi Le Ma (吃了吗), Golden Mile Food Centre

Chi Le Ma (吃了吗), Golden Mile Food Centre

Came across the mention of 吃了吗 (#01-87 Golden Mile Food Centre, 505 Beach Road) and their affordable fresh steam fish meals. The owner apparently does the picking of the fishes personally everyday and they're pretty much steamed on order. There're three fishes on the menu - pomfret, sea bass and grouper.  

Chi Le Ma (吃了吗), pomfret

That's the pomfret set ($6). Came with a bowl of steamed egg as tender and smooth as tau huay. If I might say so, the fish was fresh tasting and delicious in the simple soy sauce. I knew from the onset that I would get hungry very soon after the meal. Hahaha!

There're a couple of chilli sauces they offer which deserve mention. The brighter orange one was garlic-ky with the citrus of lime and some heat. Tasted not very different but yet not the same with chicken rice chilli. The darker red one wasn't half as spicy as it looked but had a nice aroma from cumin. Mix both into the rice for a pleasant surprise. I didn't use them on the fishes because I wanted to keep the delicate flavour.

Chi Le Ma (吃了吗), grouper

The grouper came in different sizes so despite a menu with prices printed. The stall charges according to the size. Mine was the $8 fish. Equally good as the pomfret with a quality to cost ratio that's honestly hard to beat. 

Chi Le Ma (吃了吗), Golden Mile Food Centre

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