Saturday, November 28, 2020

Gubak chor mee from Gubak Kia

Gubak Kia - gubak chor mee

Gubak Kia has a beef rendition of bak chor mee. I got curious and tried it for novelty's sake. Didn't fare as well as the regular pork noodles because it lacked the flavour from lard which made ba chor mee appealing. The bowl also didn't compare as well to their kuey teow from the lack of aroma and flavour from sesame oil. The toppings of the bowl included minced beef, beef ball and sliced beef - the latter had a mouthfeel like it had been processed by tenderizer. Not to mention those really lousy fried shallots which tasted like it came from a packet. Underwhelming.

I'll stick to their kuey teow in the future.

Gubak Kia, Timbre+

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