Sunday, July 03, 2016

Casa Roma, Bukit Timah Road

Casa Roma, Bukit Timah

Casa Roma (#01-09 Royal Ville, 833 Bukit Timah Road, tel : +65 6464 8509) has been around for the longest time. About two decades to be precise and while I've always wondered about them, I've never really had the chance to drop by since they were easily out of mind from being out of sight. They are one of those restaurants that have been humming along with quiet dignity throughout the years just below the radars and right under our noses. For the most of us that is.

The restaurant provided bread and butter. Hmmm...I don't remember the last time, if at all ever, that we've been given butter in an Italian restaurant. But butter is as good as olive oil with balsamic vinegar to me so I'm not complaining.

Casa Roma, tagliatelle black truffle

The black truffle season has not yet passed by so there was tagliatelle in butter with shaven black truffle. I've always enjoyed that aroma that wafts across the table when plates of these pasta are brought in. That truffle-y aroma. You know how it is often lip serviced that simplicity is good? This would be one of those good things.

Casa Roma, spaghetti bottarga

We had spaghetti with shaven bottarga and rockets. Again, unsophisticated and delicious.

Casa Roma, tenderloin gorgonzola

Casa Roma's tenderloin with Gorgonzola sauce was good. As good as the one at Pasta Brava; crusted with the char, salt & black pepper and then blanketed in the mouth watering stinky cheese sauce. This made us happy.

Casa Roma, tiramisu

Tiramisu wasn't so much fun. I would have liked more soaked lady's finger and a softer mascarpone layer, but these were pre-made and refrigerated. Powdered with the cocoa on order so I guess it's probably the best they can do.

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