Sunday, July 31, 2016

Senso 2016

Moscato - wherever I want, whenever I want......

It's been almost a decade since the last time at Senso (21 Club Street, tel : +65 6224 3534). Time certainly flies. And right under our noses it did.

Their bread basket seemed to have shrunk a little from what I can recall. But these folks still do a better bread basket than most. Except for maybe Oso.

Tonight's amuse bouche was a lightweight blue cheese and crostini.

There was green pea soup with ricotta and black summer truffles from the truffle menu. The creamy was nice in a green pea-y sort of way. Little chunks of the ricotta cheese gave richness and the black truffle aroma was a nice addition.

We had burrata with prosciutto San Daniele and grape tomatoes. That's a half portion already split up.

From their summer menu, Amalfi lemon risotto with prawns and Tropea onion coulis. The rice had a lemon fragrance and was cheesy at the same time. Prawns had a nice bite to them and those red onion coulis tasted like fruity dollops of jam. I liked this.

From the truffle menu, veal medallion with truffle mascarpone, artichokes and more shaven black summer truffle. I would describe this as silence inducing good.

The meat from the veal was tender and lightweight. Paired nicely with some fruity sauce they described as Senso puree and whatever one could mop off the plate with.

And we ended with a very satisfying affogato. I think we have been missing out much from here.

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