Monday, August 01, 2016

A mentaiko kaisen don from Teppei Syokudo

Teppei Syokudo, mentaiko kaisen don

To be honest, the offerings from Teppei Syokudo has lost most of its allure for me. Their marinated kaisen don doesn't have the same appeal as it initially did and those breaded fried offerings from their stall were frankly kinda boring - not to mention that you can often find better in those Japanese fairs inside Takashimaya. But today, we walked past and saw that they now have an option for their kaisen don with mentaiko. I was half hoping that those would be grilled and sliced, but they weren't.

The truth is, they were rather generous with that one sac of roe and that got to a point when it was a little overwhelming at the end when one is out of rice. If I ever patronize them again, I'll just stick to the ikura don.

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