Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Revisiting Xi Yan Shaw

A second visit because we were in this part of town and wanted something Chinese and quiet.

That's their kou shui ji (口水鸡), or also known as saliva chicken; a Szechuan dish of poached chicken drenched in lip burning chilli oil and a bunch of aromatics. The rendition here looked and tasted little like the regular versions. There wasn't much heat and there were chunks of century eggs in the dish. I'm not sure if that little chilli they had placed on top was just decoration. Comparisons aside, this didn't taste too bad. Just not like how the dish is normally done.

That's the same three egg spinach dish that we had the last time. Decently done and pretty much the same comment I have on their garlic. I was actually surprised by the consistency.

One of the dishes we didn't get to order the previous time was their black truffle prawn omelette. The truffle flavours barely registered. The dominant flavour in the egg was actually from the spring onions. Can you imagine? Spring onions. But this tasted not bad.

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