Friday, August 19, 2016

Shinzo, Carpenter Street

Shinzo, Carpenter Street

Once upon a time in a restaurant called Hinoki, there were two chefs Gary and Lawrence. Both departed and ventured into their personal restaurants with Gary down at Hakumai and Lawrence in Shinzo (17 Carpenter St, tel : +65 6438 2921). Just like rice and heart.

So here's some sushi from their tempura/sushi lunch set. I guess I kinda liked it. Their chutoro was outstanding and there was a gunkan that featured some sweet shrimp that was pretty good. Sweet and oceanic if that meant anything. 

Halfway through, the chef presented a complimentary nigiri which had torched marlin (with what I thought might have been a strip of spicy mayo and yuzu salt). I'm assuming that the fish is the mekajiki many of us are familiar with.

Shinzo, sushi

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