Monday, August 15, 2016

Fresh figs, big ebi tempura and others at Suju

Suju Japanese Restaurant, tempura

A dinner at Suju. Also our first time after having had lunch here twice.

Suju Japanese Restaurant, figs

They had fresh figs with goma sauce on their seasonal menu. These were not bad but I lament over the fact that we have somehow never encountered ones that were as awesome as those that we once had at Valentino's.

Suju Japanese Restaurant, gyu suji

There was gyu suji on the seasonal too. Braised beef tendons in dashi with radish. The beef was so tender that it was falling apart when I picked it up. The broth inherited that beefy flavour from the cow. Delicious stuff.

Suju Japanese Restaurant, pumpkin tempura

Fried pumpkin tempura was creamy and sweet.

Suju Japanese Restaurant, ooebi tempura

We ordered their ooebi tempura which also came with tempura-ed nasu and maitake mushrooms. The prawns were huge and meaty. These bugs probably had more flesh than most crayfish we've encountered.

Suju Japanese Restaurant, tamago yaki

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