Monday, May 25, 2020

Market Grilled @ home

Market Grill, prawn roll

Market Grill has some new items on their menu. Lure was cast on social media and I took the bait. Heh heh. While I maintain that their food would probably be more enjoyable eaten at the restaurant, they did survive delivery pretty well. Well, most of it anyway.

Market Grill, jambalaya

Jambalaya's new on the menu. Seeing it reminded me of the etouffee from the defunct One Night Only. No they tasted different. If my memory serves, the gravy from the etouffee packed more of the crustacean punch compared to the rice here. Not that this one didn't have any. Loved the smokiness from the bacon that got into every bite of those tiger prawns. Pretty sure it would have tasted better straight from the kitchen.

Market Grill, lamb shoulder

Lamb shoulder didn't survive well. Meat was drying up and badly needed salt. The spice was not well distributed so some bites tasted more potent than the others. But I'm mostly disappointed by the lack of salt. 

Market Grill, prawn roll

Prawn roll was also new on menu. Liked the chunky sliced up tiger prawns in the toasted & buttered brioche. Odd thing - I tasted quite a bit of dill in there but couldn't see any at all. In any case, I enjoyed the unexpected heartiness from this. Would definitely get it again.

Market Grill, delivery

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