Thursday, May 28, 2020

Delivery from Blue Label Pizza

Blue Label Pizza

I've been wanting to give Blue Label Pizza another try since the previous time.

Blue Label Pizza, blue label salad

That's their Blue Label salad - Brussels sprouts, dried blueberries, Manchego and a mustard vinegrette. 

Blue Label Pizza, blue label salad

Very tangy, liked it. This tasted a lot better than it looked.

Blue Label Pizza, j-dog

We went for the rather expensive J-Dog ($38) with pepperoni, bacon, pork sausage and jalapeño. Very salty. The crust was so thin in the middle that it couldn't hold the weight of the toppings. That crust also didn't survive well having gotten soggy in the middle parts and a little tough and chewy at the cornicione. The flavour of the cornicione was still nice though - made better with those sesame seeds but that by itself couldn't make me think better of the pizza. 

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