Monday, May 11, 2020

Ordering in from Muthu's Curry

Haven't had Muthu's Curry in while so we ordered in via our neighbourhood friendly GrabFood. I remember thinking quite well of them in the past. In retrospect (albeit a short one), the food was rather expensive. $84 before delivery charges.

Muthu's Curry, prawns 65

That's prawns 65. The first of its kind we've had amongst the other 65s. We liked that the prawns were shelled. Unfortunately, the batter didn't survive the transit very well. Most of the crisp was lost. Might not have been the better item to order for food delivery. It didn't taste bad though.

Muthu's Curry, fish cutlets

Had some fish cutlets which were really more potatoes than fish. Samy's Curry makes better fish cutlets. 

Muthu's Curry, lamb chops ananas

This was their lamb chops ananas. Trivia - pineapples are known as ananas in most languages except English where they're called pineapples. The smoky lamb was well done and reasonably tender. The spice paste was nutty, savoury with a bit of heat and delicious. Wished they had used sweeter pineapples for this though. Note to self - one order is good for one since there're only two ribs.

Muthu's Curry, black daal

We settled for their black daal because the ran out of the palak version. It's not bad, but there are other renditions which I prefer.

Muthu's Curry, naan

Naans were deflated. While Muthu's naans weren't exactly large and fluffy in the first place, these look sad. I was also sad that I couldn't taste much of the cheese or garlic from them. These definitely do not survive as well for home delivery as pizzas do.

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