Friday, May 15, 2020

Ordering from New Ubin Seafood

New Ubin Seafood delivery

The "circuit breaker" has allowed us me to experience first hand what food works for delivery and what doesn't work as well. Even though we've I've had our my own ideas on how different types of cooking take to delivery.

This was cze char lunch from New Ubin Seafood - we haven't eaten from them since their old days back in Sin Min.

New Ubin Seafood, crispy pork jowl

Their crispy pork jowl wasn't so crispy after sweating through delivery in their plastic containers, but I suspect this isn't really crispy even if you had them freshly cooked. Crisp exterior yes, but I don't think they were meant to be crispy as much as meaty. It's pork jowl after all. 

Note to self : the miso gula Melaka sauce that came with the jowl was really good.

New Ubin Seafood, fried fish roe with sambal chinchalok and petai

Between this and our recent episode with Hajah Maimunah, it was more fish roe than I normally eat in an average month. The sambal chinchalok gravy did look different from the last time we've had this dish. Dryer and more orange looking. It was still delicious. Wished there were more of that gravy and petai to go with the rice though.

New Ubin Seafood, baby kailan stir fried with garlic

Some baby kailan stir fried with garlic for our vegetable intake.

Cze char in generally survives food delivery pretty well.

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