Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Home delivery from Pow Sing

Pow Sing home delivery

We hadn't had a chicken rice fix from Pow Sing for a while so we got ourselves one from Grab Food. The delivery was $17 and that was more than the cost of the half chicken; but I figured that it'll probably cost as much if not more for a round trip to Serangoon Gardens. I am at peace with that. Yes I am.

Pow Sing, chicken

Looking back, we had ended up ordering the same stuff as we did when we previously visited.

Pow Sing, chicken rice

Chicken rice was what we were gunning for. It was still delicious with their tender slurp off the bone boiled chicken and rice that's flavourful from the chicken stock and pandan.

Pow Sing, nonya cabbage rolls

I have a thing for their Nonya cabbage rolls. The cabbage from the rolls today didn't look as green as usual. They might have been stewed for longer than what they do normally. The gravy was deliciously lemak.

Pow Sing, bakwan kepeting

Yup, bakwan kepeting.

Pow Sing, delivery

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