Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Suckling pig briyani from Meatsmith Little India

Meatsmith Little India, delivery

Oddled this from Meatsmith Little India. I've been meaning to go back but it just never happened. Don't think it will happen for a while so we did a lunch delivery.

Meatsmith Little India, suckling pig briyani

Pork briyani is a rarity. Not to mention a suckling pig briyani.

The menu said it was a portion for 2 but it looked liked it was good just for one. The rice was delicious. Flavourful without being too heavy from the spices and grease. Nice flavour from the cashews. The meat of the suckling pig was a little tough; skin was somewhere between crisp and hard. But I liked the smokiness infused in the meat.

$58 was kinda expensive for those portions though.

Meatsmith Little India, gunpowder potatoes

Good thing we tagged this with an order of gunpowder potatoes.

Meatsmith Little India, delivery

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