Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Home delivery from Penang Culture

We've been experimenting with Oddle, an online food order platform. So far we've tried Brotzeit Go and Valentino's. Still trying to figure out if the food/delivery experience is merchant dependent or does Oddle determine the most of it. Valentino's had notification when the food was dispatched so that you had an idea when it would arrive. Penang Culture had no such dispatch notification and even delivered late.

Delivery charges can cost quite a bit for the merchants on Oddle. I don't know nor care who makes money from that but since they've slot you into a window for delivery and actually charged for it, I assumed that it's a manageable schedule and tardiness hints at the attitude of the management.

We pulled the trigger on the pretty expensive "premium" crab meat and salted egg kuey teow. Look at the menu picture above. Shelled prawns, chunks of real salted egg and the crab meat looked misleadingly chunky.

Penang Culture, kuey teow

This was what we got. The crab meat came in the form of sad little bits. No sweetness like the menu described, no texture either once you've tossed it up with the rice noodles. Prawns weren't shelled to the tail like their menu misled. Not much salted egg flavour going on. Not to mention that the fried kuey teow wasn't even on par with the ones from Tangs Market.

But wait there's more.

Penang Culture, pineapple fried rice

Pineapple fried rice was disappointingly bland. Rice was a little mushy with no wok hei. The crunchy honey cashew they boasted on the menu was turning rancid and wasn't crunchy at all. Unlike what the menu described, the infused sweetness in the rice didn't come from the fresh pineapples because there wasn't much of them. Sweetness came from the sultanas in the rice. This was simply mediocre.

Not worth even half of what they were charging for the food. Will not patronize again.


gyl said...

It is Oddle not Oodle.


LiquidShaDow said...

Thanks! Updated.

Hawker Boy said...

Your girlfriend who go on a date with you vs a girlfriend who just woke up, will they have the same outlook? Just curious which food after tarpao will still look good?