Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Home delivery from Kok Sen Restaurant

Kok Sen (30 Keong Saik Road, tel : +65 6223 2005) has been around for years. The place has been a popular cze char spot for a long time too. I've only heard of them some years ago. Never bothered because the queue was a major deterrent. But we're in delivery season and they are sometimes available on GrabFood.

Kok Sen, beef black bean sauce rice

So I ended up with an order of the beef with black bean sauce rice. Why beef? Because I wanted sliced fish and they were out of it. So I settled in spite of apprehension. Besides, what was important for me was to discover if their black bean sauce was any good. It wasn't. Not enough of the black bean flavour and also not enough salt. Beef was also "unnatural" if you catch my drift. For black bean sauce and proper beef in Chinese cze char, I'd go with Maddie's Kitchen

Kok Sen, roasted pork kailan

Kailan with roasted pork on rice was significantly tastier. Garlic and oyster sauce were most of those flavour. That was the intention and pretty much all that was needed in a dish like this. Nice crunch from the kailan but pork was a little chewy.

Kok Sen, prawn paste chicken

I heard they were known for their prawn paste chicken (虾酱鸡). Pretty decent rendition if I might say so. I think Sin Hoi Sai might have just a little edge over Kok Sen but don't knock it till you've tried this. Liked the good spread of the prawn paste flavour.

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