Thursday, May 14, 2020


Candlenut, delivery

Does a one Michelin Star meal still count if it was had through home delivery and not the restaurant? I don't know. This was our first experience with Candlenut - what many locals term as contemporary/refined atas Peranakan food. It is also the only Michelin starred Peranakan food in the world. 

Been wanting to try them for a while. Between the COMO Dempsey delivery platform and GrabFood, the difference in the total price inclusive of delivery was about 4 cents. Every dish with the exception of the rice costed the same - a little over $23 if it's from GrabFood and $20 from COMO Dempsey. The latter charged more for delivery so the ended up being equally expensive. 

Candlenut, Snake River Farm kurobuta neck satay

I was curious about their Snake River Farm kurobuta neck satay. Charcoal grilled and glazed with kecap manis. Sweet like how I expected but not getting much from the grill. Maybe these were another one of those things that didn't take to delivery well. I didn't dislike it, but I wouldn't order them again.

Candlenut, chap chye

Chap chye was chap chye. It was okay with a nice shrimpy sweetness. Vegetables were reasonably tender. Neither the best or the worst I've had. But - it was the most expensive one I've ever eaten.

Candlenut, pong tauhu

The portions for their pong tauhu soup was tiny. On hindsight, it was sufficient. The broth packed a serious load of crustacean flavour infused with garlic. Loved the coarse texture of the meatballs with chunky bits of prawn. Nice.

Candlenut, blue swimmer crab curry

What I enjoyed the most from the bunch of items we ordered was their blue swimmer crab curry. The menu mentioned turmeric, galangal and kaffir lime leaf. I thought I tasted a bit of lemongrass. The curry was pleasantly fruity and creamy. Very nice.

Candlenut, delivery

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