Monday, January 11, 2021

Tsuta, Funan

Tsuta ramen

Tsuta's first outpost at Pacific Plaza is gone. I have some fond memories of their kamo soba which doesn't seem to be available anymore. They have a few shops now so presumably business is doing well. This one was the shop at Funan (#01-04 Funan Mall, 107 North Bridge Road, tel : +65 6734 4886).

Tsuta, sui gyoza

They have sui gyoza on the menu. These ones that they do were flavoured with shiso. I liked it. The flavour of the perilla bumped the boiled gyozas from ordinary to pretty good for me. Tempted to say that I'll be back just for the gyoza but they were kinda pricey at $1.36 a piece.

Tsuta, premium shio

Their shio soba listed a lot of ingredients. Like kurobuta loin, Iberico belly, white truffle oil, bottarga sauce, black olive powder, dried grapefruit, dill, spring onion and bamboo shoots. There was a fishy aroma (in a pleasant way though) which might have been the bottarga sauce and there was an appropriately subtle flavour from the truffle oil. Not a bad broth but the noodles were too soft.

Tsuta, premium crab

The crab ramen had a pretty good broth as well. Nice crabby flavour that was smooth and refined as opposed to one that's in your face. Not so impressed by the crab meat which were pretty minced. For what they were charging, I would prefer to get my fix from Keisuke's Kani King instead if I wanted crab broth. Again, noodles too soft for my liking.

Tsuta, luncheon meat onigiri

Tried their luncheon meat onigiri. It was okay.

Tsuta, Funan

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