Monday, April 06, 2009

Bites from Isetan

squid stuffed with roe squid stuffed with roe clam onigiri ikameshi

This was the outcome of one of those forays into one of my haunts in town. My favourite squido rice have gotten standardized with their glutinous rice packings into larger squids and they cost more these days. I guess they must have been pretty popular with the other people too. The clam onigiri just above didn't pack as much flavour or meat as I would have liked. Those small squids stuffed with roe are still as heart cloggingly tasty as usual. One of the notable items we also bought this time round were toasted rice crackers coated in chocolate powder. Those were amazingly fragrant and tasted much better than their mundane appearances suggested. The braised pork was mouth watering-ly sweet and savoury. They did cost a bit though.

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