Sunday, April 05, 2009

Chye Lye Restaurant, Jalan Legundi

This was one of those places that I've probably passed by and never realised that it was there until now. It's actually located just a couple of units away from Sum's Kitchen which I've visited on a few occasions in the past year. Yet I've never noticed. Talk about being oblivious. I'm not about to lament on the lost opportunities for having not known about this place earlier (it looks like it's been around for a really long time) and instead, make excuses to come back again for the pretty good assam fish head curry.

The place can be scorchingly warm in the afternoon and has no ambience to speak of except for the brand of really old school charm of old coffeeshops which isn't that common these days anymore. But the food is good.

The initial impression of the tamarind based curry was that it tasted a little on the watery side. As the curry cooled, it gained a viscosity and the flavor was enhanced as well. Apart from making an excellent topping for the rice, the remains served decently as soup of sorts as well. For $18, I thought this portion which can feed 3-4 persons is probably better value than what I could have gotten at Muthu's Curry which costs more for less. Not to mention the tender deep fried chicken that comes with a belacan chilli with a kick which really was a steal at $6.50 for half a chicken and a very decent dish of stir fried sambal sweet potato leaves which turned out to be one of the better ones that I've had in while.

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