Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar, Holland Village

Pretty sure that I will come back here (31 Lorong Liput in Holland Village, 6463-3132) again. Maybe even soon. Reason was their ramen left an impression. Which was a good thing considering that there have been quite a few ramen shops opening up in the recent years and they're starting to look the same. Coupled with veteran ramen shops, we actually do have quite a number option. Do feel that they need to distinct themselves.

Here's a bowl of their moridakusan ramen which is Yoshimaru's version of "the works". Including a tiny dollop of mentaiko was a waste since nothing of it could be tasted once everything got mixed. Enjoyed their tasty tonkotsu broth which wasn't as salty and greasy as I imagined. In their moderation, intentional or not, it turned out to be good. The thin and firm noodles was the other thing that I liked. Was never much of a fan of the soft and curly types. These ones almost reminded me of the first time I ate at Ajisen many years back when they were still decent. 

There's also tan tan mian which featured a nutty and spicy broth that left me wanting more. I'm wondering if there was any peanut butter involved in the soup.

Didn't enjoy their charshu don which featured charshu that tasted like preserved pork cubes. Reminded me of mei cai kou rou when eaten with takana. Definitely had better.


HairyBerry said...

i agree on the moridakusan! it has got to be one of the good ones i had in a long time. havent had this feeling since miharu. hehe..the mentaiko was definitely wasted but the black fungus was such an addiction! yeah, will definitely be visiting this place more often.

red fir said...

I think sesame paste goes into the broth of tan tan mian which may explain why its nutty. And this ramen will be the impetus for a visit.

LiquidShaDow said...

Love the black fungus and the flavored egg as well. They do not have one of the better braised pork around it seems, but it's still rather enjoyable on the whole.

I'm going to be checking out more of these tan tan mian subsequently now that I've found one that's enjoyable.