Monday, July 07, 2008

Baikohken, North Canal Road

If you're wondering about the generous amount of golden yellow at the top, this butter corn shoyu ramen from Baikohken (7 North Canal Road, tel: 6534 3808) normally doesn't come with so much butter. I topped up with extra butter and corn and an egg. I did manage a couple of spoonfuls of the shoyu broth before everything was mixed up and I found it to be both less robust and/or salty in comparison with the one I had at Ramen Santouka. The thickly sliced braised pork was also rather lean. It was so soft that there were several occasions, I thought that it could have been tuna as the tender meat crumbled rather easily. Now this was quite unexpected. As usual, I found the noodles to be too soft for my likings.

What I did enjoy was their charshu don which was simply, a bowl of rice with generous chunks of the braised pork topped with scallions. This turned out to be simple yet very tasty comfort food. Unexpectedly, this rice bowl from a ramen store was what I enjoyed the most and I'm pretty sure this would be what I would go for if I come again. Even if the soft crumbly pork tasted like tuna.

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ice said...

The butter and corn is enough to tempt. :)