Saturday, July 19, 2008

J.Co Donuts

These donuts were so incredibly soft and light, I could actually down three of them quite easily. I guess that's the dangerous things about them since they felt almost like nothing after you ate them and true enough as they say it, one is never enough. They tasted better than I had expected. I suppose what made the regular glazed one a winner was that it wasn't excessively sweet like Krispy Kreme. So despite of being a fan of the old school grease and sugar coated rings, I thought that these new generation of lightweights stood up quite well for themselves. Sure wouldn't mind getting more of them from time to time.


Ms One Boobie said...

I still prefer the old fashioned type of donut.. the plain ones with only sugar. I can never get them here. Bummer..!

ah Teo said...

mamabok: I also thought that the old fashioned kind of donuts are much nicer than these mass produced ones. But I was pretty surprised by jco's donuts as they are pretty lightweight. you can try the sugar glazed ones when u are in Raffles city. ;o)

Ms One Boobie said...

Boohoohoo..!! i'm in canada.. :(