Saturday, July 05, 2008

Handlebar, Gillman Village

Some years back, I used to work around the vicinity of Alexandra and it was only today that I've visited Handle Bar (1 Lock Road, Gillman Village, tel: 6475 9571) for the first time. The affliction of looking far out ahead instead of just simply forward is a curse that plagues many, myself included. Now that this location is truly out of the way from any place that I may be in most circumstances, I've chosen to take notice and visit it. But it was a pretty decent place. At least for steaks and beers with friends it is.

The food was pretty decent I must say, if a little pricey in comparison for the ribeye which I had. At almost $40, one gets a decent 350g slab of fatty beef - but I didn't think they got medium rare right. It was definitely more cooked that I had wanted and I guess that the bright side was that it would have been worse for it to be undercooked than over. There was an amusingly named "Silence of the Lambs" rack that came thickly cut and in generous proportions, but was unfortunately lacking in the natural flavours of the meat and further drowned out by the wine sauce. Stuffed jalapenos were quite good actually. I'm not an expert in those since I don't eat them often at all, but I though those cream cheese stuffed chillis were rather tasty with a noticeable bit of spicy kick.

Coming back for the steaks and beer is definitely not out of the question.

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