Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Steeples Deli, Tanglin Shopping Centre

Steeples Deli, Tanglin Shopping CentreBeside the old school charm of a deli, I didn't think much of the sandwiches Steeples Deli (19 Tanglin Road, #02-25 Tanglin Shopping Centre, tel: 6737 0701). These folks from what I've heard were the very first deli in business in this country. I might not mind eating here occasionally if I were living or working in the vicinity but I just didn't think the food was good enough for a special trip down. Not to mention that we were faced with the grumpy lady proprietor who looked like she had a perpetual scowl etched in her face or the two Chinese guys in the kitchen that behaved like they were only interested in putting each other of out of their miseries. These two persons had given me the impression that making sandwiches were a just job for them and it also looked to me that they have probably never eaten what they've made before.

Steeples Deli, steak sandwich

Steeples Deli, chocolate peanut butter shakeThe deli had actually run out of pastrami and corned beef was used as substitute for the Reuben sandwich. A stringy corned beef it was with portions that could do with a lot more generosity. It was just strange that the sandwich maker actually took pinches of the meat and placed them on a weighing scale to determine that tiny amount he wanted to put into the sandwich. Their sauerkraut looked as yellowed and stale as the lettuce on the side that I almost forgot that it was actually sauerkraut. It appeared desiccated like old shredded cabbage and wasn't good at all. And then, just about enough of the thinly sliced cheese to cover the beef.

The portions for the food wasn't large. The steak sandwich did come with a nice sized piece of meat, but it wasn't satisfying at all. I was disappointed at the lack of beefiness from the marinated meat which tasted mostly of salt and basil. Seriously, onions don't cost so much so what's with those portions? The most enjoyable thing we had was the chocolate peanut butter shake which could do with a bit more viscosity.


D said...

Is that thing on top supposedly to be some poor excuse for a ruben? Haha! There's so little cow on it =(

LiquidShaDow said...

Bingo dude. That's the reuben that they have there. It was a charming little place in its own way. Too bad for everything else.

Anonymous said...

This is rather unrelated to the current post, sorry...but nonetheless a rather important update. In case you haven't already known, Peter at Jago Close in Katong (from the corner coffeeshop which also sells Twee Kee chicken rice) has relocated to Block 18, Bedok South Avenue 1. Yes the same Peter and his dad who fries up a mean char kway teow on "opeh" leaf. My husband who is a true Hokkien boy and all CKT fans out there who like their char kway teow not overly sweet, but very well wok-hei'ed with aromatic garlic, barh you poh, fresh hum and plenty of liao inclu prawn and egg etc. Since the 13th of this month, he has been spreading his char kway teow cheer at the Hong Soon Food Court in Blk 18 Bedok South Ave 1, opposite the market. He tells me that they will be there for 3 months, depending on the response. Right now, business is not so good cos not many people know they have moved to their current location. So old fans as well as newbies please take note of their new location and go support them. Thank you!

Dracoholic said...

hmmm that place used to be good ... but i think that was along whiles back.