Saturday, July 26, 2008

Botak Jones, Yishun

Botak Jones, gammon ham and cheese sandwich
Botak Jones, whoppass chili con carneSeems that Botak Jones has yet opened another outlet (Blk 732, Yishun Ave 5) recently so I thought I'd drop by and grab a bite for a very late lunch so as to avoid the crowd. Picked up a gammon ham and cheese sandwich with a side of jalapeƱos which turned out to be pretty good as the pickled chilli worked its spicy kick on the salty ham and cheese. Hmmmm......Does anyone else do a ham sandwich like this? The heartiness of it won me over more than anything else. I also decided to try a small serving of their whoppass chili con carne to see what it was about. Apparently, it just a spicy ground beef bolognese which came with whole jalapeƱos inside. Similar to most other chili. This stuff was not too bad as a stew.

added 27/07/2008
Encouraged by the previous visit above, I dropped by for another late lunch. This time it was for the chili dawg.

Botak Jones, chilli dog

The dog turned out to be quite large and slathered with a generous portion of the chili con carne and chopped onions. Was pretty good. Not something that you could actually eat with your hands considering all the mess from the sauce and that you'd probably need to have a rather large mouth to fit the dog and the buns. Probably one of the better tasting dogs I've had but then again, it would have been nicer if I could eat this with my hands.

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