Monday, July 28, 2008

The BBC pork chop rice

Supreme Pork Chop Rice

It has been about 10 years since I was first introduced by a friend to this particular stall which was then located in an air conditioned coffeeshop just beside Allson Hotel. Since then, it had moved to the food court in Shaw Leisure Gallery and now currently resides in another food court at Bras Brasah Complex (Coffee Express 2000 Food Court). As far as consistency went, nothing much has changed since the first time I've had these pork chops which are fried on order. Which was incidentally the thing that make them good. No cooled grease nor soggy batter on the pieces of meat. It's all fried upon order.

They're $3.30 a plate and if my memory served, it has been going at that price for a very long time too. There is nothing very fancy to their plate. A tasty piece of pork chop with rice, some cooked (probably frozen) corn/carrot/peas and salted vegetables. The eggs cost extra if you want and they're actually pretty good for hard boiled eggs. Notice that the colour of the braising sauce seeped into the egg whites from all the simmering. The egg was flavoured rather than just coloured from the sauce. I like to mix the vegetables and the rice together with the chilli. Makes everything more appetizing.


red fir said...

Awesome. Sounds like a much better deal than any $20++ black pig kurobuta tonkatsu.

D said...

I miss mixed rice... dude u have to try the hainanese curry rice place at beocrescent

red fir said...

hey both dudes! Yes! This beo crescent curry rice has been my favorite forever! I love the braised cabbages and bar-chor patty!

LiquidShaDow said...

Thank you fellas, I'll put this place on the "to visit" list.