Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sin Sian Yuen Roasted, Chong Pang

Wow, this roasted duck stall (Swee Sian Yuen Eating House) at Chong Pang wasn't bad at all. With these portions for four persons inclusive of rice, it costed about $20 which I thought was pretty reasonable for a coffeeshop. It would have been great if they deboned the duck, but I'm certainly not complaining here.

I'm talking tender lean slices of meat with just that little bit of fat underneath the layer of crisp skin. An accompanying order of roasted pork was also pretty good as well with their crispy crackling. And their rice was the soft type which I liked even without any accompanying gravy. This shop would be good for returns just like Circular Sumptuous Square.

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Sherry said...

I just bought chicken rice from there. I swear, THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE!!! When I bought my chicken rice, I forgot to request that it be the steamed. Being the cashier, it is herr responsibility to ask what kind of chicken rice I wanted. However ,that female PRC cashier did not. She just assumed that I wanted it roasted and keyed it into the machine. When I realised that they sell both types, i immediately tried informing her, which was difficult, as she did not understand English well. When she finally understood, she , first of all, black face me. Then, she started scolding me in that disgusting china accent : "ni wei Shen me mei you gen wo jiang" (why didn't you tell me earlier?!) . Being in my sch uniform, I kept quiet. Also, I did not want to argue with someone who could not understand English. I'm so pissed, I wish somehow this could be brought up to the stall manager.