Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Riverside Indonesian grilled chicken rice

Riverside Indonesian
Riverside IndonesianWhat was majorly compelling for this Riverside Indonesian BBQ stall (68 Orchard Road, Level 6 Kopitiam Food Court, Plaza Singapura) at Plaza Singapura was the coconut ladened curry which made the rice irresistible. That and the convenience of the location in spite of their ever present queue. So I'm back here again and this time round, I decided to try the chicken option which included a grilled chicken thigh. In truth, the chicken was probably cooked in advance already and just brought out from the kitchen to be grilled just for a little bit before being served. The result was a soft and totally unremarkable skin that wasn't even crispy in the slightest. At least that curry and slice of omelette was pretty good still.

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FoodieGymmie said...

i have nv eaten here b4, cos the foodcourt at PS always turns me off... now i have a different opinion of it alr... n i love grills!