Monday, July 14, 2008

Circular Sumptuous Square, Circular Road

This eatery has a pretty interesting name if one were to disregard the fact that it's located at Circular Road (14 Circular Road). Haha....certainly has nothing to do with circling any squares and such. It's actually about roast duck. And talking about roast ducks, there's a very short story on how this dinner here came about. We were actually locating for the newly opened Ohsho outlet in the vicinity and didn't see it despite making a couple of passes down the road. And we had only managed to find it after dinner. I could have sworn that we did not see....... so chance was pretty much what made roast duck dinner tonight.

The place does serve a small variety of cooked food (tze char) but we didn't go for any of that. We ordered a half roast duck ($18) which turned out to be quite good in spite of the slightly messy appearances. I suppose it might have been the fact that they had to debone the bird. The duck came with slightly crisp skin and just a little bit of fat under that skin was about just right. Meaning that enough of that fat was present for a nice greasy flavour without being too excessive. An order of the roast pork turned out pretty good as well as unexpected. It was deep fried. Crispy deep fried roasted pork belly. Circular sumptuous square. And nothing but lime juice and a few strips of cucumber to save us from all that cholesterol.


D said...

A circular square.. I can't wait =P

Ms One Boobie said...

I wasn't very fond of roast duck till now.. :)