Friday, July 04, 2008

I'm lovin' it. For real.

McGriddlesIn spite of the insidious smothering cheap evils of fast food, the greatest of them all came out with something that had gotten me enthralled. A long time ago, it was their biscuits. Today, it's McGriddles. Their very recognizable breakfast chicken patty with a disc of egg and salty cheese snug between two slices of corn syrup soaked hotcakes. A simple yet yummy marriage of sweet and savoury. I think I'll be making efforts to go for breakfast more often.

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ah Teo said...

This is good stuff. I like the griddles as it is not as dry as their muffins. I realised that their mcgriddles are very hot, making the cheese more gooey. Yum... Pity about the weak coffee though.