Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Steak @ Les Bouchons

I was recently seized out of the blue by a craving for beef after a "cold tipoff" which brought us down to Les Bouchons (7 Ann Siang Road, tel : 6423 0737). Since the last visit which was some time back, the menu has gone through some small changes. The price of the cote de beouf has gone up a little (it's now $40 per pax), but was still good value for money in comparison to elsewhere. Previously the steak options were less. This time round I didn't want to pass on the previously unavailable XL US beef ribeye ($42) which the server estimated at 400g and would be fattier than the standard ribeye option where the meat was from Australia or New Zealand. Tenderloin lovers got  their loving as well in the form of their enlarged beef fillet ($34) option.

As you can see, the ribeye was the only thing that's on the plate. It turned out to be as large (yes!) as the server had mentioned and the fries had to go on a separate basket. The meat was fatty as claimed, but was also sinewy. Wasn't as juicy as I had expected though. At the back of my mind, I was actually imagining something else. I had to let go of some of the fat as there was quite a bit of it and my conscience refused to let me ingest them all. Lol.

Despite being less juicy than I had hoped for, I felt that the tenderloin scored quite a bit as tender as one would expect of the cut. It was leaner and slightly less flavorful than the ribeye but still turned out to be very enjoyable. It was probably is one of the larger tenderloins I had.

There isn't very much of variety in the department of desserts in Les Bouchons. Apart from various flavors of ice cream with fruits and preserves, there was actually only the Ile Flottante ($10) and a Grand Marnier flavored creme brulee to be had. I didn't exactly recall how it tasted like before since it was quite some time back since I had it. After the first mouthful of that soft wobbly egg white in the caramel milk, the memories steadily back. This stuff was light and broke apart in your mouth more easily than foie gras. The sliced almonds were toasted which added a depth of crunch and fragrance.


ice said...

oh! where can I get the "cold tipoff" ? >.<

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the steak looks big! hahaha!

Btw, i'm having a food outing this sun 6 april at Wild rocket's relish for lunch. you interested to join us? let me know asap? email to bradleyfk@gmail.com


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your best friend would be your best bet

I would like to I probably wouldn't be able to make it on short notice. Will let you know if I would be joining. Thanks for asking. :)

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hahaha! No problem, meet up next time : )

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