Thursday, October 03, 2019

Hosay Mee Pok, Cantonment Road

Hosay Mee Pok

The signage of Hosay Mee Pok (243 Cantonment Road) stated that they are endorsed by Ah Hoe Mee Pok. Don't know what's the relationship between the two stalls but I was curious enough to want to find out.

I have previously mentioned that Ah Hoe was about balance. Hosay is definitely a more local take with punchier flavours for their bowl of noodles. While very savoury and umami, the texture of the mee pok was unexcitingly ordinary. #disappointed Love those strips of fried stuff they added in there though.

Hosay Mee Pok, soup

The dry mee pok came with a bowl of cloudy soup with the other ingredients. The soup was flavoured, but nothing compared to the likes of Seng Kee. A few small slices of pork, liver, probably frozen scallops and a few clams with bits of cabbage that sweetened the soup. Drinkable stuff that's better than many but nothing memorable. 

I found Xing Heng Feng at Whampoa much more satisfying if I had to compare a non-ba chor mee pok.

Hosay Mee Pok, fried lard

We asked for lard and this was what they gave. Looked like deep fried pork belly strips that didn't have the fragrance of lard. After the tasting the mee pok with their chilli and a bit of vinegar, these fried bits didn't even taste like it had flavour.

Hosay Mee Pok, prawn paste

Their prawn paste cake thingies were not bad though. Similar to the ones from Guan's Mee Pok and Bai Nian Yong Tau Foo. All of these renditions were tastier than the ones from Le Shrimp Ramen.

Hosay Mee Pok

I don't dislike the food here but I didn't feel that there was much that would make me definitively like them either. Wouldn't come out of the way just to eat their noodles.

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