Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Hawkerman, Funan

We noticed Hawkerman (#B2-18 Funan Mall, 109 North Bridge Road) the last time we were here and were curious. Warily so but curious nonetheless. So we decided to give it a try.

Hawkerman, sour plum watermelon cubes

One of those things that got my attention were the sour plum watermelon cubes which I thought was awesome. They were exactly as the name described - sour plum juice infused watermelon that was refreshing and juicy. Loved these.

Hawkerman, maki poh piah

Tried their maki poh piah which was obviously a maki take on the local poh piah with a nori wrap. For something that had so much chicken floss, I was pretty surprised that I could barely taste them when I popped one of those oversized pieces. Most of the flavour came from the garlic heavy stewed turnips that made the stuffings - which was was oddly called 'rainbow fillings'.

Hawkerman, tenderfresh spring chicken

The Tenderfresh spring chicken wasn't too shabby. A little small though but the bird was pretty tender. The tumeric infused fragrant rice was delicious. Tasted just like chicken rice.

Hawkerman, hokkien mee

Hokkien mee was better than I had imagined. The seafood stock that they had used to stir fry the noodles was flavourful. Noodles weren't overcooked. Couldn't argue with that fried chicken. While this plate wasn't in the same league as the Serangoon Gardens Fried Prawn Noodles or Nam Sing, it wasn't bad at all. The lime and sambal added a much appreciated zest to it.

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