Saturday, October 26, 2019

Soufflé, Duxton Hill

Soufflé, Duxton Hill

The idea of a soufflé themed restaurant sounded intriguing on paper. The execution was not so much because when one soufflés every dish, it only means waiting time. Took about two hours to complete a three course at Soufflé (5 Duxton Hill, tel : +65 6690 7562) and it was not because we were slow eaters. We even saw people leave out of frustration.

Soufflé, foie gras terrine
Soufflé, baguette

Fortunately they didn't soufflé-lize everything. There was a foie gras terrine with sugar glaze onions. According to the menu. Terrine was okay, not one of the better ones around in my opinion. Those onions didn't taste sugar glazed - just wilted in red wine and unexpectedly lots of pepper. There was something also very Asian about its flavour which I thought didn't pair well at all with the foie gras.

Soufflé, laksa souffle

There was a laksa soufflé. It's not bad. The soufflé itself had gotten the flavours delicately. Quite a bit of chopped up prawns in there. Sauce on the side added punch to the rempah flavours though it could have done with much less salt. The thing that might have completed it was laksa leaves or even shredded fish cake. Haha. 

Soufflé, bouillabaisse
Soufflé, lobster souffle

Mains came with soufflé. Their bouillabaisse came with a mini lobster soufflé. Had a little lobster claw which tasted pretty seafood-y but not necessarily lobster-ly. Couldn't identify the flavour in the soufflé but it was definitely not lobster. Bouillabaisse was lightweight in flavour and the seafood tasted like they were frozen. So - forgettable. #lowquality

Soufflé, steak

Entrecôte steak came with a mini Roquefort soufflé. Steak was okay-ish but that herb butter probably had more than just herbs. Unless the meat was sour. The Roquefort soufflé was good though. Should have just ordered the regular sized one.

Soufflé, soufflé a la Chartreuse

We picked a soufflé a la Chartreuse for dessert. It was served with the digestif where you could pour to your heart's content. This particular soufflé was a little different from the earlier savoury ones we had. Its texture under that light crisp surface was what one might consider ethereal. It was also our first time with Chartreuse. Tasted very much like other herbal liquor.

Soufflé, Duxton Hill

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