Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Origin + Bloom, Marina Bay Sands

Origin + Bloom, Marina Bay Sands

Origin + Bloom (Hotel Tower 3 lobby, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Ave.), a deli/pâtisserie has taken over the spot where SweetSpot. used to be. I'm gonna miss their cha yen and pastrami sandwiches.

But O+B has mazagran up there. Lemon juice and espresso on ice. Pretty good to sip on for our weather.

Origin + Bloom, the whole 9 yards

There's a sandwich called The Whole 9 Yards. That's the 4 cm portion. Lots of stuff in it. Ham, other cold cuts, pickled vegetables, fresh vegetables, olives and whatnot in many layers. Pretty interesting and stacked but I suppose one time is all it is good for - for me that is.

Origin + Bloom, the parisian

What wowed us was their Parisian. Generically described on the menu with French ham, Normandy butter and baguette. I asked for extra butter. The sandwich was dripping with that delicious butter. I'd come back just for this.

Origin + Bloom, mazagran

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