Saturday, October 12, 2019

Red wine risotto, cold cuts and carbonara at CiBO

CiBO Italiano, salumi

Came by for a late dinner at CiBO. This was our first time ordering their salumi. Prosciutto cotto, prosciutto di Parma, salami and some mortadella. It's okay-ish. 2it & drink has a much better board just across the road at Valley Point.

CiBO Italiano, red wine risotto

The real reason why we came today was for their red wine risotto which was a board special. It's also okay-ish. Very discernible flavour from the wine and I could see lashings of olive oil which I couldn't taste. I had been imagining something along the lines of the Amarone one from the defunct Perbacco but it's a different wine and I was truthfully expecting too much.

CiBO Italiano, spaghetti carbonara

Got curious about their carbonara because they didn't mention cream. It's okay-ish as well. Would like a bit more cheese and this definitely lacks pepper. But the dryness from the lack of cream and smokiness was nice while the noodles were properly firm. 

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