Saturday, October 19, 2019

Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, Clarke Quay Central

Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, hitsumabushi foe gras black truffle

Man Man has set up shop at Clarke Quay Central (#B1-52/53 Clarke Quay Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street) just next to Don Don Donki.

The above was their hitsumabushi with foie gras from France and Himalayan black truffle.

The foie was overcooked and under charred. Not as buttery or quivery or nicely browned as I had been hoping for. Pity. Those black truffle were subtle so after a while, none of their flavour registered. Like their uni bowl, it's a clear indication of how much Teppei has slipped with his standards for good value and how poor his quality control is. Wasn't worth what I paid for.

The bowl below is a collaboration with Teppei (hah!) featuring their barachirashi with their unagi. Tasted like how it looked. I am still of the opinion that the original restaurant at Keong Saik grills better eels.

Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant, hitsumabushi barachirashi

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