Friday, October 18, 2019

Huang Da Fu (黄大福), Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre

Demolished a bowl of ba chor mee from 黄大福 (#02-93 Commonwealth Crescent Food Centre, 31 Commonwealth Crescent). This was the large portion of noodles which was loaded with ingredients including fish dumplings (her giao) which I didn't expect. Loved the doneness of the pork liver which I thought was almost perfect and I couldn't argue with their ratio of chilli paste to noodles.. 

There were a couple of things which I thought would have inched up my like-o-metre. The fried lard could do with more aroma. I also didn't think this was the better representation of texture for mee pok and that's probably because of the type they used so it's not entirely their fault. Bottom line is, I thought these guys were pretty decent I definitely wouldn't mind eating again if I'm ever back.

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