Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Margherita DOC pizza deal and other stuff from Trattoria Pizzeria Logic

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic, margherita

This deal at Trattoria Pizzeria Logic comes from J Passport or even their social media. Dinner at the bar with one drink ordered nets one their pizza Margherita at $9.90 for this month. Which is in fact a good deal considering how much one of those normally costs.

Their pizza Margherita is more expensive than many because these guys use the richer buffalo mozzarella instead of fior di latte. The outcome was not bad at all. Not purist traditional as pizza Margherita go because it has additional cherry tomatoes. Still a very nicely done pie.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic, lemon cream fettuccine with shrimp

Was curious about their lemon cream fettuccine with shrimp. Sauce was creamy and lemon-y. A little too rich as it got to the end and in my opinion, not as refreshingly perky like the lemon cream pasta from goo Italiano. If I had to pick one that I preferred between the two, it'd be easily the latter.

Trattoria Pizzeria Logic, almond cake

Almond cake was pretty sweet. Not memorable. If I were asked, I wouldn't get it again.

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